Welcome to Helsett Farm

When Eila, Sarah and Robin asked me to take on their website my taste buds hijacked my tongue and I heard myself saying 'yes' when I meant to say 'no'. I normally steer clear of working for friends and the Helsett Farm family are some of our very best friends down here in Cornwall.

No-one loves their animals more than these three crazy people. Their cows come first - just ahead of the three children who roam the 300 acre farm unrestrained. Sarah is Granny and started making ice cream on the farm in 1985. Eila is a true farmer's daughter and would seem out of place anywhere else but beside her Mum come rain or shine.

Their happy herd of pedigree Ayrshire cows produce more than enough thick organic milk for their wonderful handmade ice cream which is famous throughout the country.

Extra milk goes into Helsett Farm creme fraiche, smoothies, yoghurts and cream. All their products are jam packed full of wholesome natural ingredients - 'stabilisers' and 'emulsifier' are swear words in this family.

Everything is made in tiny batches for their elite client base of restaurants and delicatessens - so the farm will never be a rich one - they struggle by from one challenge to the next. Their equipment is old but loved. Their backs are a little bent. Their ice cream is heavenly. They are what farming used to be about and always should be.

With a recent barn conversion into a holiday home you have a chance to come and enjoy this special life with the family. Meet the cows, let your kids run wild through the fields with Molly and Martha. Hear about Max's latest exploits ...

01840 261207

Lesnewth, Boscastle
Cornwall PL35 0HP